Are you a victim of injustice?

Most of us have been a victim at one time or another, and if not we’ve been guilty of unjustly treating others. More than likely we have been both.

Through the years I have been a victim of injustice from time to time. Sometimes in very simple things that are easy to deal with and other times in more severe ways. Some time ago, 13 men, through various ways, inflicted a great deal of injustice on my entire family. I was angry and I wanted vengeance! It simply wasn’t right!

While reading my Bible, the Lord reminded me that it was not my job to get revenge. In fact, it was my job to forgive! UGH! I did not want to, but the Spirit of the Lord would not me let ignore the command. So with the help of the VCY Bookstore (10707 W. Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53222) I found myself the proud owner of copy of Erwin W. Lutzer’s book “When You’ve Been Wronged” and began to read it.

In his book, Dr. Lutzer quotes John Perkins from his book “Let Justice Roll Down”

In that book he writes:

“This Jesus, this one who had brought good news directly from God in heaven had lived what He preached. Yet he was arrested, falsely accused. Like me, He went through an unjust trial, He also faced a lynch mob and got beaten. But even more than that, He was nailed to rough wooden planks and killed. Killed like a common criminal.

At that crucial moment, it seemed that even God Himself had deserted him….
But when He looked at that mob who had lynched Him, He didn’t hate them. He loved them. He forgave them. And He prayed to God to forgive them. ‘Father, forgive these people, for they don’t know what they are doing.'”

As is often the case when we can step away from the emotions of a moment, a different perspective began to become clear to me. Jesus suffered the greatest injustice of all! He gave up his life, in a torturous manner, for me. He was arrested, for me. He was beaten, for me. Furthermore, the people who beat Him, who spit on Him, and ultimately who killed Him, He loved! How than can I do anything but love those who have treated me unjustly?

By God’s grace, I have been able to forgive these 13 men.

I have learned much through this experience. Most recently God has shown me that there are people who I have treated unjustly. Through His love, amends have been made and some relationships restored! Some relationships have not yet been restored, I pray that one day those people may forgive me. All things are possible in His time!

If you have not yet received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, what are you waiting for? He loves you and he wants you to be forgiven!

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