Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?  I didn’t, or at least not formally.  I suppose there are things I would love to do but I’ve not intentionally created a list.  This came up over the last week or two while talking to my wife.  She was asking about things that would be on most peoples bucket list.  She was trying to find some helpful things to post to help boost her business as a travel agent. ( If interested, you can visit her at http://www.candeotravel.com/)

Her question got me to thinking and of course there are things I would love to do.  One of those has been in the forefront of my mind since her question, a train trip around the country!  I would love to take all of the main Amtrak lines out of Chicago and travel the country, taking in the scenery that we miss out on when we use the interstate or airlines to travel!  Image

To do it right would take a great deal of time and a fair amount of money.  Recently,  a friend of mine suggested that I take the train to Arizona for a training event and then take it back.  While this would be ok, it’s not exactly what I had in mind.  Using Amtrak for the purpose of transportation to and from a destination simply to get there and back seems to me to be inefficient.  Train trips are long, not all that cheap considering the time ramification, and the schedules are not usually conducive to much of anything.   However, train trips for the purpose of seeing the country seem to make a lot of sense. 

Today I did some quick calculations.  To take a trip from Columbus Wisconsin to Seattle, down to San Francisco, and back to Columbus through Denver and Chicago would cost about $2,500, including food and lodging for time spent in several cities along the way for a night or two.  (That is of course assuming you stay at budget lodging and eat cheap.) The total duration of the trip would be about two weeks.  In the past the time to take this trip was the obstacle, today it is the money.  Perhaps one day I will be able to justify the expense and still have the time!  Or maybe there is a way to make that trip and get paid to do it?  Maybe a publisher would like to hire me to write a book about my trip, or maybe Amtrak would?!  Ah well, here’s to dreaming!


Thank you to everyone at http://railroadforums.com for the photos!

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